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Hello everyone! I wanted to share a little update. I am back on pain medication and I think it’s working. The pain is less so I’ve been back to the gym. Trying to find a healthy balance can be tricky. It’s trial and error til you get it right. I’ve noticed some feeling coming back on the side of my foot. I had lost it all during the first surgery when they cut the band it messed with some nerves. This is such a blessing that it’s coming back! I’m building some good muscle on my calf, also an amazing sign! God is working on my healing. I’m in a better mental state too now. It’s such a difference when you switch your perspective of pain. Can be very difficult to do that, which is another reason why you need your encouraging tribe! Always remember that God is not going to leave you. He is just waiting for the RIGHT time to step in. Always look at your struggle or hard season as what are you trying to teach me God? What can I learn? I know satan causes the hardship and I know that God uses what is meant to harm us for good. So look for the lesson, it definitely switches your perspective. Have a great night! 💜