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I recently had another nerve block done. It helped for about a day then slowly the pain returned. The reason? I can not control by body temperature so I have been freezing. So added yet another prescription (oh joy) to my regimen and upped one that I was taking already (sure make me loose my mind even more). So far the pain just keeps getting worse and worse. I have so much fluid filling up in my left knee and it’s causing even more pain. I am reminded yet again that I can’t do what I could. For a minute I was frustrated but only for a minute. Then I remember what God has done and that person before was not really me. This person now is actually strong, this person now is becoming confident. We are expected these trials. But what God says is we look at them with joy. Not joy for the pain but joy because you know that God is taking you further. So even though I am continuously dealing with this terrible excruciating pain I know God will one day heal me that for now it’s time for me to grow! Bring it on satan, my God is bigger than you!