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Spinal Cord Stimulator

Next step in my journey is something I really did not want. They are going to do a spinal cord stimulator (SCS). First step is to pass a psych eval (I know good luck, I’m a mom on drugs 🤣) but it’s to make sure I am aware of things so phew! Then they will have to get it approved by insurance then go in and do a trial one. This is to see if it will work before they do the serious surgery. This will be on for 7 days. If things go good then they will go in and do the real one. This thing scares me. I’ve just heard stories in my support group about infections and the wires slipping but my nerves were put to ease when he explained it all to me. There are different kinds of SCSs out there but he is going to use the big daddy, Boston Scientific. And in all the years of doing this he’s only had one person not go well but that’s because she didn’t listen (haha, great 😆). In the mean time I’m trying a pain patch to hopefully help some with the pain. It’s been on almost a day and I am noticing some relief here and there. I guess it takes about 2-3 days to really feel it work. This can be upped too if I don’t have enough relief. Wow these patches are expensive!! Everything about this diagnosis has been expensive 😅 Below is a picture of the SCS and what it does. 💜