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I’m having a rough night and I figured I was not alone. I have another new symptom that is showing me just how much I need God. My foot is cold, it has been, but now the bottoms have decided to turn a bright deep red and burn just like they got burnt from the hot sand or the hot pavement. so the top is freezing like ice and the bottom is like the sun. It’s very painful. Sometimes are easier than others. This not as good. But I know my track record (thanks to Jesus) is 100% getting through these days so I’m holding on to that. This life was not meant to be easy. It wasn’t meant to be pain free. And it’s in these moments that I find a little more of Gods heart. Friends that’s worth it. It’s in these that if I get through it’s not because of me that’s for sure. This pain is unbearable. It’s always God that gets me to the other side. I am learning it’s ok to have bad days. Days that you just come undone and cry. Those days are the ones that we grow stronger and more confident because of who I AM is. So go ahead cry, give yourself permission to ugly cry. Then straighten that crown up! 💜