healthy boundaries, scripture, testimony and blessing

Goal: Jesus (1/8)

Our #1 goal in this life is Jesus/God. That is why we are here. He doesn’t promise a perfect peaceful life here on Earth. In fact I feel like he does the opposite. He allows these storms so we can grow. We learn from these hard times that it’s not about us but about Him. If this world was peaceful we would be content here on Earth. But he stirs our heart, stirs our soul. We know there is something bigger.

Do what he commands. We need to listen to His voice. Allow him to speak. And then act out what he says.

We need to love our enemies. Jesus still loved his enemies when he was crucified on the cross.

We need to give without expectation. If we see someone hurting, or in need we supply them with whatever it is without expecting anything in return. We give with a grateful heart. Just grateful enough we are able to help.

We need to serve others. Be there for sure be another. Volunteer at your church.

To make Jesus our #1 goal we need healthy boundaries. This makes more space in our day that we can devote to God. Be in His word more. Pray more. Have restraint. Know when to stop. Have a Godly marriage. Obedience > results. There are principles and promises in His word to guide and strengthen you. So key here is praying and reading His word!

Blessings, Angie