scripture, testimony and blessing

Healthy Thinking (1/5)

Just some pieces of wisdom that I have found from my daily devotions…

Be intentional! In all you do. Walk with Jesus every day. Look to Jesus. The mind is a muscle, we must train it everyday. We need healthy thinking. If we cling to Jesus our mind will go that direction. It will begin to fill with Godly wisdom. Anxiety will happen, God says that in the Bible. It’s how we handle it if it’s a sin or not. We may sit for a little, even grieve if we have to, but we must not stay there.

I started a prayer journal and also a better scripture book. Writing helps drill it in my brain more. I also like to go back and see how many times God was blessing me, protecting me, carrying me. Just another way to stay focused on God.

His love for us is constant. It never changes no matter what we do. Nothing in this world would cause God to love me any less. He is waiting for each of you, no matter the state you are in. 💜

Blessings, Angie