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Your calling (1/10)

When we think of Gods plan, we can feel so small. The thing is, each of us are a part of the plan. We all play a role. He gave us different gifts that will fulfill His plan in the end, bring others to Him and to defeat satan.

What is your gift? What are you most confident doing? I have known since I was little that I was going to help others. This is something God has placed on my heart and every year it just becomes stronger. This didn’t happen over night and it still seems impossible for me but I am learning over time and He is showing me the way. What I say are His words. As these storms come they help me learn how to trust in His word. I am then able to apply it to my life. As I continue to do this I begin to gain a level of confidence and courage that overrides any feelings of insecurity.

To get there we must pray. No prayer is ever insignificant. Even our tears, moans and groans are words to Him. Is it possible to be happy in the middle of the worst storm ever? Yes! In Gods presence we are able to always find the joy.

When you figure out your calling the road to that will not be easy. We need to stay committed and lean on God through the ups and downs. This is the key to getting to our destination. Be on guard for distractions and stay focused on Him. The darkness trembles at Gods voice. If we fear the the darkness we forget who sits at the throne! So so true! Remember these words and figure out your calling!

Blessings, Angie