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Being Honest (1/14)

Every single one of these posts that I write are just as much for myself as for you readers. These are all areas that I have/am dealing with. I hope through my writing that you are able to see how genuine real I am. This is not about me either. We are here in our positions to be used for God. His glory comes from it all. I pray if you are in a hard season you will eventually see the story God is writing for you. I pray I can reach at least one person. That one person will be all I need.

One of my downfalls is reading the Bible. I am the person that packs my day so full I can’t breathe. I have learned this is not healthy and have been working on this to do better. But I still struggle to read the Bible. Daily devotions with friends (thank you bible app) really helps me get into the word more. Some days are better than others but I honestly can say it has become easier for me.

As we read we need to ask God for clarity. To understand His word in new light. A new perspective. Pray bigger along the way too. We need to ask Him to help you fight distractions and to focus only on Him. We find freedom during this.

One story that I have read again… yes you read the same thing over and over because each time God sheds a new light…I found a new discovery. The story of Joseph. Every step of the way he was being knocked down. He was treated so unfair. He never gave up, he used every trial as a stepping stone, climbing his way up. In the end he was rewarded. The same applies to us. It’s not the same exact events but it parallels with our story. We know there will be trials in this world, so why not look at them in a new light as how can I use this to glorify God? Things will change when you are able to do this!

Ending with this…The more we are in the Bible the more we change. One good question to examine yourself is “when people look at my life, what do they believe about God?”.

Blessings, Angie