healthy boundaries, scripture, testimony and blessing

Gods Grace and Love

A reminder: As long as we let sin in our hearts, we give it a place to grow, spread, and eventually destroy us. When we are willing to uncover the entirety of our sins (we may need to ask God if there is any you don’t see) and grieve over it all, that is when we experience the unlimited favor and fullness of God’s Grace. But again to get there we have to come to God fully vulnerable and pray a dangerous prayer. Ask Him to reveal to you every inch of your heart for the sins that you are blind to.

Another topic that stood out to me is “if Jesus cared so much for the sparrows, does He not care so much about you?” I have so many areas that He has proved this to me. Places I didn’t expect. One place is the God fearing friends He brought to me. The ones that meet me where I’m at and say I’m here to stay. He has used them to answer my prayers. He has used them to answer my unspoken prayers. Sometimes he even used them when I didn’t even know I needed it til after. He cares for each of us more than we can even fathom. He is there and waiting for you! Press in and trust Him!

Blessings, Angie