healthy boundaries, scripture, testimony and blessing

Designed For Purpose (2/20)

God wants us to be more and more like Him. It’s sometimes hard in this fallen world. Thankfully He understands this and gives us grace.

Being like God is getting to know Him deeper. Pray and read His word. Through this he shows us how to do that. A few examples I have learned is are giving, sharing, comforting, praying, and supporting others. The ones that are unable to reciprocate. It’s means more when it comes from the heart and don’t expect anything in return.

Sometimes we stop short because we feel “leashed”. We confine ourselves by not choosing Gods plan. Some examples of what I do is I get discouraged and can’t take another step. I get overwhelmed by pain or responsibilities that I didn’t sign up for. I can get lazy (being vulnerable here!). But God never intended for us to live this way. He calls us beyond these things. Just on the other side is freedom and joy if we hang on.

In His word and praying He teaches us how to live courageously for His glory. I dare you to pray and have Him show you and then for you to obey!

Blessings, Angie