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Glory of God (1/27)

The saying when facing trials we should treat them with joy. Joy?! This is the last thing I think of when I’m hurting or grieving. But guess what?? This is what God intended for us. It’s not that we think the trial is joy it’s we know that our God is going to use this for good joy. He has already won! We are to grieve. We are to wail. We just can’t stay in that grief. We in return praise God.

The same God that got you through a previous struggle will get you through this one. The same God that has helped others WILL help you too. In this we find the joy.

After we find that joy we can’t help but want to share. Share what God has done for you already or where you know He will in the future. It’s a cup-runneth-over type of Joy. A jump-up-and-down type of Joy. A can’t-hide-it type of Joy. This is where God has brought me. This is why I made a site to share with all of you! I have this type of joy even in the midst of the pain.

I sure hope you are able to find this kind of joy! If you need any help please reach out to someone! I am also here to help. I want others to have this special kind of joy 💜

Blessings, Angie