scripture, testimony and blessing

We Are Clay (1/21)

I love the “we are the clay and God is the potter”. He will continue to reshape us til we are the perfect piece He created us to be. We need to get out of His way and let Him do His work.

One way He reshapes us is His silence. We usually feel He is silent and forgot us. But He hasn’t. God will never abandon us. We should resort our focus on these moments as He is working out the details during this time. It’s our turn to do our part and just trust Him.

Another way He may mold us with is the sudden stops. These stops make us get frustrated thinking selfish faults, Our plans our ruined. These moments are not fun. Especially if things are going good then bam we are taken a step back. These moments are needed. It’s how we are able to get where Bod wants us to be. When our plains our ruined we should say, “Thank you Jesus for controlling my journey. Thank you for slowing me down and protecting me”.

Ending with a quote that I really liked. “We have to get back to the beauty of just being alive in this present moment.” -Mary McDonell We don’t know the future, only God knows. We are to move on from the past. Which leaves us with the present. This is where we discover life. Life with Jesus. So be open and moldable!

Blessings, Angie