healthy boundaries, testimony and blessing

Battlefield (2/29)

I’m not sure if you realize but we are on a battlefield. Not physically but spiritually. At this battlefield we have an invitation to experience Gods power and His glory. We are able to crush satan and His schemes on this battlefield.

Ephesians 6 is a great chapter in the bible to read all about this battlefield. You will also find what you are to wear and bring to this kind of battlefield – God’s Armor

This post I want to explain the warrior. The biggest part of my story is that I didn’t realize there is a worldly warrior AND a Godly warrior. To me the worldly was the Godly. Boy was I wrong! Here is a few differences:

Worldly Warrior: 1. Work hard to get strong. 2. Use that strength to make things happen. 3. Put on a good/tough face, because appearances are everything. (If you would have met me 2 years ago this was me!)

Godly warrior: 1. Admit you are weak (say whaaaat??) 2. Open your hands and let Him provide. 3. Be vulnerable and desperate because He is close to the crushed in spirit.

Examine your life, which warrior are you? The past 2 years have changed my life, and it needed to be! Being vulnerable here… the 2 year ago me was running down a slippery slope of destruction. I thought being strong was doing everything and not admitting weakness. I did everything. I was getting burnout. I was getting resentful. I was not very pretty. We were not meant to do everything. We were not meant to never stop. God designed us with boundaries. Healthy boundaries (my word for his year). If you have not read the book Healthy Boundaries I suggest you start there. Ok back to my topic on warrior. God wants us to come to Him weak. If we are out doing everything then where does that leave Him?!

I hope that you soak this up and start to become a Godly warrior instead of a Worldly warrior. You will see a HUGE difference in your life when you press into the right warrior. Let’s get ready for battle!

Blessings, Angie