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The Enemy (3/10)

The enemy intended a cry of defeat, Jesus uses it to speak eternal victory over death. Faith is about a dead person becoming alive. *surrender your unforgiveness. Resurrect love. *surrender your disobedience. Resurrect the purpose God has for you. *surrender your insecurities. Resurrect the security of your identity in Him.

With God their is mercy. With satan there is no mercy. It’s a constant battle with the enemy/demons. This is because of the fallen man. We desire so easily because it’s natural for the human flesh. If our heart changes then the rest of us will change.

Here’s a challenge: Let’s make satan pay attention to us! He’s after mass destruction, distraction. One of the enemies favorite thing is when we tolerate sin. We try to give it an excuse. This is all satan. He comes (more than not) in a shiny package. Flashy and beautiful. We need to stay in contact with God. We need to keep after His heart. The Holy Spirit will help us differ if it’s from Him or satan. Let’s stay on alert, guarding our heart!