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Armor of God (3/19)

The key reason for success in battle is the shoes of peace. Satan uses our fear, doubt, uncertainty, or hesitation as advantages. This is why we need peace.

Peace with God and of God. Now peace is not the removal of trials and troubles, it comes in joy form despite the trouble. when trouble comes pray first. Find testimonies like hours and read and soak up the words. We will take this one day at a time.

Be in training with God and always glorify Him. Do this each and every day. Do this is in remembering Hod has already won. It doesn’t matter what happens here, God will reward you after the step of faith.

Let’s live in peace. Peace knowing God wins in the end. The more prayers in this world, the stronger this world becomes. We are to oppose the evil one. While He guides our steps He shows us how to move with this peace.

I want some of this peace I know that! Thank you Sweet Jesus for the equipping us for this battle of good and evil.