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Armor of God (3/22)

Our final piece of armor that we need every day is the sword of the spirit. God has given us a weapon to use in our close combat with the evil one. The Romans used a shorter dagger. It was used for close battles. Did a lot of damage. This is the only offensive weapon in the whole armor of God.

Temptation will come. No excuses. Most of the time attractive. Despite the beauty it is dangerous. We need to be prepared before it comes so we can stand firm.

The actual temptation is not a sin. Yielding to it is. Jesus was tempted 3 times in the wilderness, he knew right away it was coming from satan. Being prepared help Him stand His ground.

A scripture or even a couple words will be enough. This is why memorizing verses is so crucial. I am not very good with the memory thing so I made a scripture book. I write verses that helped me through the hards times. The ones that are encouraging. Then I am ready to pierce satan with the words of truth.

Satan is allergic to scripture! When we use the word against him, it’s like we are sticking the dagger into him. The key is to be prepared with Gods dagger.

I was not prepared for what changed my life. It took awhile to realize this and to learn from my mistakes. I listened to satan. I questioned Gods goodness. I got distracted, looked at my obstacle as an interruption into my life, an I hated everything life.

I grew through my journey. God gave me the best spiritual family and they helped me see he truth. Now when I have a setback I am prepared. I throw scripture at satan.