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Esther’s Story (3/13)

Esther was quite the warrior. She had big faith in God. If you don’t know this story, it’s not too long of a book please read it! In it you will find the courage and bravery Ruth had. Her faith in our Father grew and grew. She didn’t allow the “why Lord”s tear down her courage. She didn’t let it steal her passion for the ministry the Lord has set out for her.

What we can learn from her: teachabilityshe listened and followed Mordecai’s instructions. Patiencedont let the short book fool you, this was the span of many years. Selflessnessshe risked her own safety and trusted God that He was protecting her. Courage she could have been killed but that didn’t stop her.

Esther’s courage and faith made her a true warrior. The purpose of her book in the Bible is to show us Gods sovereignty and His loving care for His people. This book clearly shows us God at work. Even when the world is in the hands of evil people, He is in control. We may not understand everything happening around us, we must trust in Gods promise.

No matter how hopeless our condition, or how much we would like to give up, we need not despair. God is in control of this world. Even though Esther’s story was many many years ago, this truth still stands. I hope you find time to read her story and soak in the words God gave us. He is SO good!