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Every Thought (3/14)

“….we take captive every thought…” (2 Corinthians 10:5) what a powerful verse. What are your thoughts leaning towards? Obeying sin or obeying God? “…to make it obedient to Christ.” We are weak, we are drawn towards sin. The good news is, we don’t rely on our humanly thinking but are made new with Godly thinking. We use Gods mighty weapons to destroys satan’s strongholds.

Emotions > thoughts > decisions > behaviors > relationships

It all starts with the emotions. Your feelings. That leads to your thoughts. What you feel of course changes to your thoughts. Then you start making decisions based on that thought. Making decisions starts to change your behavior. And then last, your behavior (how you act) changes your relationship with friends or family.

This leads to Healthy or unHealthy. Examine each of these steps in your life. To do this you must go backwards, starting with your relationships with other. Are they chasing Gods heart or have they fallen to satan’s lies?

If you see any unhealthiness in this process you take it all the way back to a thought. A thought is where it starts, also know as the root cause. You can’t fully change or heal unless you get to the root. Why are my relationships falling apart? Why do I keep doing that sin? I didn’t really see this process til in the past 2 years. God has brought this to light. The root cause is where the healing can happen. There is always a reason for why you do things. Always.

I pray that you hold all my thoughts captive. That you help me to examine my life to see what in my life is not for the glory of You. Help me process this equation backwards so I can get to the root. That You heal that root and make it new only in You. I thank You for helping to be a warrior for You Father. 💜