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God’s Armor (3/18)

Remember the belt of truth is to give your life to Jesus every day. Every. Single. Day.

Next we are going to learn the breastplate of righteousness. This guards our hearts. What we speak and act, it all comes from the heart. Our heart is the spiritual center of our life. His righteousness is a gift.

We need to be proactive. Practice by living close to God. For He is the righteousness. He will guard our hearts. Choosing to do one good thing after another will overcome anything wrong or evil. When someone strikes out at you and you refuse to curse it, rehearse it, or nurse it, you are bale to reverse it.

Be aware you may have the fears and still not the truth. This is where we really reach out to God. To help us overcome this fear. Most of all to go to God in EVERYTHING. Identify the issue then ask Bod for truth.

I see a counselor now, best decision I have made. Yes I’m crazy! Ha! One of many issues, I have a hard time sleeping. Like right now it’s 2:25 in the morning. As soon as I go to my bed my mind starts to race. I’m unable to sleep. My therapist has me writing three thoughts that are racing through my mind. Then I kind of dissect it, find the lie in it and replace with truth. These are mostly my worries…and not a one is important! Most of the time this has helped. When I write it down and re read it, I see the truth coming out. Sometimes good sometimes convicting. I recommend you do the same. You will begin to see what lies we’re holding you back.

Also do not make yourself feel any worse by thinking I should be sleeping. These shoulds are out the door. When you stop thinking it it’s actually easier to fall as,eep. I challenge you to do this for a weak. When you figure out the lie and replace it with the truth, you will start to see your life changing even more. I would be so excited to know that your life is changing too, we are here to praise each other up as well.