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Let’s Not Panic (3/17)

These words are found more in these days. A pandemic has uprooted everything. We need to look at this is a new perspective. We need to think how am I to glorify God during this time? What does He want me to see in the chaos?

Just like when God takes the Israelites through the wilderness to the promised land. This was anything but easy. We have found ourselves in similar situations and complained and groaned and moaned.

But what if the haze is God’s grace? What if we could see through it with eyes of faith? What if in the moment we could choose rest? sleep even?

Soak these questions up. Really ask yourself this instead of being angry, scared, frustrated. Maybe He puts you in the moment to become a master.

I was diagnosed with a non curable most painful disease 2 years ago. Thought this journey of course I had ups and downs but I really have found myself in Gods arms. I don’t panic like I was. I have realized I needed to break and have these downs so in return I grow with God. I have chosen to praise Him despite the haze.

250 times in the Bible it says to praise the Lord. I fell like that’s pretty significant. 149 times suggests we sing aloud. Today I’m choosing joy. Today I’m choosing God as my center. Today I’m choosing to praise God. Are you ready to do the same?