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Prayer (3/20)

What will bring about Gods greater purpose and glory in your situation? Gods perspective is completely different from ours. When we face a trial we need to pray first. Ask God to guide our path. Ask Him to show us what He sees.

We need to center praise in our prayer life. Our prayers protect us. Holy Spirit meets us in them. Praying is like having a conversation with a close one. We are having a talk with our Father in heaven. These prayers don’t have to be fancy or long. Even when we can’t say one word, we might groan or cry, the Holy Spirit steps in and prays for us.

Part of our purpose is to be there for others as well. The biggest thing we can do is to pray for others when they are in need. We cannot be selfish while loving God. During my hard journey I have had (more times than I can count) moments where I couldn’t pray for myself. I have a few close ones that all I need to say is pray and they are on it. Every time I feel those prayers. They don’t even always know what to pray, but God hears there words and know my needs and He steps in answering their prayers for me. This has been the best thing a friend could do for me.

His presence is all we will ever need. His love is all we will ever need. This is why we HAVE to talk to God daily. This is how we become closer to Him. He wants us to want Him. He is the great “I AM”.