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God Uses Others (4/13)

Today is my birthday. A little bummed we can’t go anywhere or do anything (they stop the quarantine) but we made the best of it. It was not a good day mentally for me though. The kids school work had me exhausted. I was hurting. Just felt like I was worthless. No one else knew this but God. I prayed and asked Him to help me.

All of sudden I hear a knock on the door. One of my good friends dropped off a little something for my birthday. It was exactly what I liked too. It made me cry. I knew God used her.

I also got a phone call from a past client (she knows very little about me) just wondering about a picture in paper making sure I got the credit. She then goes on about how I far far exceeded their expectations. They absolutely loved them and will be contacting me in the fall with their next senior.

Seriously how amazing is our God?! I was reminded that I am exactly where He wants me. I am not worthless, I am wanted and loved. Sometimes God speaks to me in little ways other times He uses people in a bigger way.

If you are lonely and feel abandoned by God ask Him to just show you love. Then look in every detail of your day. Maybe it’s something you didn’t really think about but now looking back your eyes are opened to it. This is why we need to look for our blessings each day. Count them. Write them. Then you are prepared for the next moment of doubt.