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Book of James P1 (4/22)

For the past few months I was doing a bible study with a group of women from my church on the book of James. What an incredible book! All about what we should do after we proclaim to be a child of God. I learned so much that I wanted to share some of it on here.

Before we dive into the scriptures, I would like to give you some background info. The book of James was written by James (of course). In other scriptures in the Bible we find he is the half brother of Jesus. Could you imagine being a brother of the Messiah?!

The author, James, calls himself a servant (some translations even says a slave) of God. Serve the or slave seems a little scary but it’s not really. He means this by saying he is all in with God. At his feet ready to do whatever He calls him to do. They are pretty sure it was the first book actually written in the New Testament.

He is writing to the Jewish Christians (12 tribes) that were scattered among the gentile communities. In other words to all believers. Every person that leaves sin and walks with Christ. The book of James is a letter, instructions on how to live for God.

James is part of the Bible because it says what to do after you decide to live for God. We are to be doers of the word and God will be the judge.

I hope some of these things about James helps you understand the concept of the whole book. In the coming days I will break down the chapters/scriptures to hopefully help you see James in a new light or to understand it a little more. There could be some convicting topics but I pray that if there are God will help you through it (I had to do the same!)

Hope you guys have a great day.

Blessings, Angie 💜