healthy boundaries, testimony and blessing

Being grateful

COVID 19…coronavirus….masks….social distancing….6 feet….Just some of the words that are every day talk right now. Going to be honest, I have struggled a bit. I love to be around people. Community is my joy. It’s been hard to do this the past 6 months. My depression has hit some low moments.

Thankfully these moments don’t last very long. I have learned that I need to reach out when I am having a rough time. I ask for prayers or maybe even a short visit with someone in my “community”.

I really want to get back to my happy self, it’s just very hard on my own, I have always been the bubbly positive person but the past 2 and half years (well longer I think) have really damaged me.

My mentor and really good friend suggested a thankful journal. Just right a few things that make me happy and when I’m having a down moment I can read them and redirect my thought process.

Folks this is doable. We can change our thought process. Just by reading positive things we can turn our gloom and doom into light and joy. If you haven’t yet you really need to read Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen. Also listen to the podcasts that went along with it. This book will change he way you think.

So during this not fun season the world is in, jot down some things in your life that you are so thankful for, could be something big, could be something small. I challenge you to do this and read them every morning and then every time during the day when you are being brought down. Do not let the enemy win!

We also need to stop discussing anything that has to do with the virus. Stop reading or watching the news. Try it for a week and see if things change. Instead of debating on what you think about masks we really need to ask the Lord, what do you have for me in this season? What are you trying to teach me? This shifts your mind set. This takes away any fear or frustration you may have.

Just a few things that I am grateful for is my husband Joe, my three amazing kids that God has blessed me with to take care of for Him. I am thankful for our parents and siblings who have challenged me or just filled me with Jesus fuel. I am thankful for our church family. For the house we live in, it’s pretty amazing too. I am thankful for my circle that is built on good quality. I have some of the best friends! I am thankful for each person that helps fuel my kids with Jesus. I am thankful for my photography business and family….

When you start writing you realize there is so much to be thankful for. Instead of focusing on the negative we need to focus on what God has given you.

I will pray for you guys. I will pray that this world can get back to the real battle going on. That people start to see what God has for them during this less than fun times. 💜