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SCS Trial

The day finally came. It felt like it never would. I became a robot (thats why my kids tell their friends ha!) yesterday. The SCS trial was placed in my back. I was so excited yet nervous leading up to it. But I definitely felt the prayers!! Going in I was pretty calm (well partly because of the Valium too ha!). I could feel the warmth of Jesus ❤

They called me back and I first talked to the ladies that are the HF10 (the SCS I got). Went over a lot of questions, through it all they released me to stand and walk during this trial. Just no bending or twisting. They felt I was the perfect candidate for it.

Then I went back to the room, had to lay on the table on my stomach, with a pillow under me. They hooked me up to anIV of antibiotics, pulses, and the blood pressure cuff. Then they started shooting my back with the numbing meds and off we went. Yes I was awake for it all. 2 hours later he finished. Textbook perfect is what they said.

The top one is of the box. The bottom picture is the wires going in my back and also connecting to the box. My back is pretty sore. Ice is my best friend! It’s kind of hard to find a position that you can get comfortable. This second day is going a little better though. I went on a little walk around my neighborhood and just some standing. Probably give it 40% relief (after the numbing stuff wore off) already. Guys this is beyond huge!

I am to continue my meds of course and he added an antibiotic because of the risk of infection in my spine. The lady is calling me everyday to check in and I’m able to call her with any questions. I think this helped ease my fears too.

I go back next Friday for the permanent one 🥳🥳 As the days go on I am too get more aggressive with my walking and standing and see what this trial can do for me.

So for day 2 I am doing very well! Not going to lie the back soreness is a lot but the edge off the ankle pain is amazing. I honestly didn’t realize how bad it really was til it’s gone.

Giving God all the glory!!