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Day 3 and 4 of SCS Trial

I can’t believe Monday is almost over already…3 1/2 days left of this thing. I am happy to say I think we found a good foundation.

CRSP: today we found a good program. Last couple days I have been trying different levels and tweaking but as of last night it just kept getting worse (the burning and pains). This morning (with the help of my nurse) we went back to square one and within an hour the burning had really gone down. I’m at about 40-45% pain relief today. The more I do the more the pain could flare but we can tweak it then. Up to 3 neighborhood walks a day, did one sink of dishes today too. Today was a good day!

The Trial: I’m trying not to twist or bend, the kids have really stepped it up to help me. But we are thinking the one wire may have slipped a little. Which is ok since we found what waves to do. I’m also having back pain from the wires. Little bleeding at one of the injection sites. And all this tape, blah! I’m so tired of it. It’s uncomfortable and annoying! Now don’t get me wrong I am all for this with the pain relief, it’s just kind of annoying.

Ankle Injury: there might be more to this or it might heal up once the pain is gone. My ankle still has some sharp pains right at the front of the ball. Possibly some of the ligaments didn’t heal yet. A lot of times once the pain lessens then the injury can fully heal. We have had to distinguish which is the CRPS and which is the ligaments/scar tissue. Which is why we had to play around with all the settings and check off what didn’t work.

So today I’m thanking God for a low CRPS pain day!! God is answering my prayers in ways I never thought. I’m so thankful for every step!