CRPS, testimony and blessing

Almost to the end of Trial

Ever have a moment you think this is about done but then something else happens and it’s like just kidding…I’ve had so many of those moments you’d think I was use to them…well I can vouch for it I am not. After my back not liking the trial in it and taped to it, I found out that I will not be getting the permanent one yet.

I felt so stupid (the normal for me anymore). I mean who doesn’t think to ask and make sure about that. He has just made it seem, which joe agreed, last Friday they did make it seem I would be getting the final in a week. Just some miscommunication, what a surprise for 2020.

I will be getting the trial out Friday morning. I then have to wait couple weeks so the tissue and everything can heal. Thoughts on this, I’m devastated. It’s helping so well, I can’t imagine going back to all that pain. It was a rough second half of the day yesterday. Just felt like I was kicked again.

He did give me good news that I will probably be sore for about a week but there really is not a lot of downtime. He wants me walking the next day. I freaked out about this too as I have already planned my photography around it so that news helped relieve me. I will still be back in October.

Little update as I’m ending my week. It’s helping…like a lot! The pain in my foot had really gone away. I was even taking bigger walks and being up more (my back wasn’t overly happy with this). I am positive the wire has slipped thought because yesterday (the reason I found out about the permanent one) it’s coming back. It’s more sensitive again, it’s burning. Some of this could be because my back is bad so then that pain makes the CRPS flare. Last night was a rough night for sleeping, nap will be in my near future.

So disappointing news at first but that turned around with some it’s ok news. Again Gods got me. He has the plan. He knows every plot twist. Gods good! This does mean after they take it out I will be able to drive again. I’ll take that as a win during our busy season.