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Spinal Cord Stimulator

Little over a week ago I finally got my permanent SCS. Been waiting all year for this. I felt kind of anxious yet ready to get it done.

Waiting to go into surgery!

The surgery was about hour and 45 minutes. He did do half the surgery then wake me to make sure the stimulator was in the right place then back out to finish. I don’t remember a thing! It’s kind of crazy and scary.

The pain didn’t start really til the next day. Not going to lie it was rough. Those first few days I was in immense amount of pain. My back hurt so bad. Each day has been getting easier. Now it’s more touchy than surgery hurting.

This was taken the 2nd day.

The bottom incision has been the worst. That’s the one the box is in. I’m pretty much off all pain pills and going to start light very small activities around the house. The doctor very much expressed light duty. No twisting, bending or lifting. He knows I am one to start feeling better and to go back to what I was doing.

For the first week I was just to focus on healing. Friday was day one of at least the next 10 years of charging. I am to do this everyday to every other day. It didn’t take long. Just moved the paddle around til the box lights up then it turns off when all charged. I sat watching a movie with the kids while charging.

My charging unit.

My follow up appointment is Wednesday. After that and no more pain in my back, we will be working to find the right wave treatment. This could take about a month til we get my days figured out, when I do more activity or less. It’s all a trial and error.

God got me here. He’s seeing me through all this. I am coming out stronger because of him. Prayers do amazing things! Ready to heal and get my new life back. With God I am unstoppable 💜