CRPS, healthy boundaries, scripture, testimony and blessing


The past couple months have been a blur almost. All 3 of my kids are playing youth basketball. It’s been crazy schedules. They are having so much fun though, that makes it worth it. I love watching hem grow and the moments they get it. Proud mama I must say!

Update on my foot…it is doing amazing! Few small flares here and there but for the most part I’m getting complete pain relief. Probably would say 90-95% relief which is huge.

Had my 3 month check up and everything is going great! My dr was super pleased. I go back in another 3 months and at that one if I’m still doing amazing he will start weaning me off some pills.

For the past few months I kept getting a sore throat and my ear hurt. I figured it was because of the longer amount of time wearing one (3 games is a long span of time). Right after Christmas is became so intense so I broke down and went to stat care. They diagnosed me with a sinus and ear infection. The antibiotics didn’t help.

I started to notice some other strange symptoms and realized the same thing that was happening to my foot is now happening to my head\mouth\neck area (I guess jaw). It’s all on the left side. It will swell up so much it is noticeable. Today even my tongue on the left side is swelling up. The pain is so intense. Only thing that helps it some is hot water pounding on it.

Life has been hard again. I’m not going to lie and say my attitude is amazing. It is far from it. I’m trying though. I know God has me. This is just another part of my amazing story. It’s another step into growing closer to Him. But that pain…it’s more than I can bear.

I definitely have a little ptsd too from injury. A lot of stress, I mean if you knew how much a pain stimulator costs!? This for another post. Today I just am asking for prayers. I need strength to fight through it. I’m getting tired. Oh so tired.

With research and a neuromuscular therapist advice, the CRPS has spread to the main nerve for sure. Working through her for couple things and praying for a great outcome. I know pharmaceutical I’m at the most of what I can do.

The pain is much more intense because of the CRPS too. The swelling is what CRPS does. It just throws the body into total chaos thinking I’ve totally killed it.

I’m trying. I really am. My hope and faith is in God, the miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, my God that is who you are.