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Hello. Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. It has been crazy here as always, especially with all 3 of my kids in basketball. Things have slowed down a lot. Soccer and baseball are starting up.

The past couple months have been a rollercoaster with my CRPS. The weather change and rain just stir it up. With warm weather the pain minimizes to most times nothing. But as soon as it gets below 60 the pain comes back.

The pain that returns I have to say is so minor compared to before having the stimulator. It’s been an answer to prayer! I’m still praying for a full healing but I know this journey has been exactly what God wanted me to be on so I’m going to keep praising His name.

Life is not a free road yet. I’m still on medications that have serious side effects that I do have. They are shockingly minor compared to the pain so I’m keeping on. Also it seems so easy but making sure I’m charged daily can be a struggle. With appointments, school, and games or practices it can be a challenge to fit it in. Like today I am on my last light because I kept forgetting to charge it. There is fear seeing that. I can’t imagine going back to where I was.

Just like being intentional with charging and noting in my brain that it kind of tops everything else, shouldn’t we do that with our Bible too? Ouch!! As you can see those things are my weaknesses!

I fail. Daily sometimes. I don’t know why I struggle to fit in the Bible. I always feel so much ready for anything when I do. I do better when I have someone keeping me accountable which I’ve been thankful for a Bible study I am part of at our church. It just ended and again I’m not doing so well.

We need to find people who are God fearing. Ones that challenge us and push us to be more like what God made us to be. The power that is there is amazing. I have several that have done just that. Ones I found during this journey that I’m not sure the relationship would be as deep as it is. I’m so thankful for those. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to see the good of this if they were not cheering for me.

So keep pushing..whether through pain, sorrow, grief, anxiety..whatever it is. With God you can rise above. The pain becomes more manageable. The grief becomes more manageable. It all becomes more manageable with God. No where did I say it would disappear, God promised that we would have pain in this world, I’m saying that you can find the positives in amidst it. You can find your strengths.

Just because you see me smile does not mean everything is perfect in my world. I smile because I am rising above the mess with God. God has changed everything. Key word here: God!

With that please hang on and find God. He will change your world in ways that go above what you are even asking. Praying for each of you!!