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The Book of Acts, Ch 1

I love how I can read the same books/scriptures of the Bible and always learn or see something new. This is because God only gives you a little bit at a time. He knows we couldn’t handle it all at once which is why we are able to grow closer and closer to God. Our mortal bodies could not handle it all at once.

Right now I’m reading Acts, a book in the New Testament written by Luke. It is about how the early church began and started to grow. It’s also more than that. It’s about how we are the church as well and we are to keep bringing more people to God’s church.

I’m not going to go into great deal about every scripture, but I thought I would share a highlight that God pressed on me while reading.

The first chapter is after Jesus’ crucifixion. He appeared to His followers, was with them for 40 days and then went to Heaven. He told them that after He went to heaven, God would send the Holy Spirit to fill them. Then they were to share the Good News to everyone.

There were only 11 of them now since Judas betrayed Jesus, so they needed to add another one to make their 12. I like this short story because it teaches of how to proceed with decisions, waiting on Gods guidance. They first made a criteria and came down to two men. Acts 1:24-25 Then they all prayed for the right man to be chosen. “O Lord,” they said, “you know every heart. Show us which of these men you have chosen as an apostle to replace Judas the traitor in this ministry….”

When we face important decisions we can first set up a criteria that is consistent with the Bible, then ask God for guidance and wisdom of which way to take. Then we must wait on His wise decision. This is how God wants us to face any decision making.

This tidbit was interesting too. They were called disciples when Jesus was there which disciples means follower or learner. After Jesus ascended to Heaven, they were called apostles which means messenger or missionary. It helps put things in perspectives when you learn the deeper meaning of words.

This is such a hard one for me. I am way too quick to make my own decision, either not waiting on God or not asking Him at all. This has gotten me into trouble too many times. My prayer is that I face all my decisions like the apostles did. That I pray for God’s wisdom in the decision, not mine. For only God knows the bigger picture, the future. This is my prayer for you as well!