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Book of Ephesians

Before we get into the Bible i want to start with a quick update. After cutting my leg by my ankle on a bed, and having crazy pain, it threw me into a flare. Right below it, I got a fluid bubble. It was sensitive again, felt the prickles, and extreme pain if I stood on it. This also caused my ear and neck to hurt too. It was a very long couple weeks but I am happy to say I am coming out of it already! The swelling is going down and the pain is not as bad.

With this comes the doubts…the enemy’s attack. Standing in the truth more this time I really do think that helped me come out of it faster. My mind wasn’t as depressed. I did sleep a lot (I think because of the pain) but I tried very hard to keep my mind on what God has placed before me.

I recently started a Bible study called The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. Just like she says I am really seeing the devil attack me and try to bring me down. But he won’t be winning, I refuse to let him win. I think it’s neat how 3 years ago through this injury and disease God used it to show me Ephesians and the Armor of God (although I have known it since I was little, just seeing it in a deeper light). And here I am 3 years later being part of a Bible study on that very topic. Still learning more and more on it.

I decided I would go through Ephesians and each little subtopic (my Bible breaks each chapter down into little subtopics) write down a verse that sticks out to me. Wanting to know more I am writing down the verse 3 times, each a different version of the Bible. There are so many different translations out there but I chose NLT (New Living Translation), ESV (English Standard Version), and KJV (King James Version).

Ephesians 1:2 May grace and peace be yours, sent to you from God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord. (NLT)

Ephesians is a letter from Paul to the Ephesian church. We also can benefit from this letter because we are the church! It’s purpose is to explain the nature and purpose of the church, the body of Christ. To give encouragement. He was in jail and couldn’t physically be there so he wrote the letter. I am so thankful for that, for now we have in written form our purpose.

I pray that as I go through this book you will too and learn something new. No matter how many times I read a passage of scripture I always learn something new. God is clearing our vision a little more each time and teaching us something new, something to bring us closer to Him. God is good!