CRPS, scripture, testimony and blessing

God Chose Us

Hello. Quick update…Today is a good day. I had my continual 3 month follow ups with my pain doctor. He is so pleased with how things are going. I am to continue the dosage of meds for awhile now. He knows I have kids and wants to make sure we can have fun this summer.

Weaning off these medications can be difficult. There is no one rule for this disease so the amount someone takes varies. It’s all trial and error. So if I take less than what my body needs and the pain comes back, it can take a long time if at all for the pain to go away again after I take more of it. I feel each stage of CRPS has its new challenges…just more fuel to the fire it feels like sometimes.

The stimulator is doing exactly what it was made to do. Where the battery box is, it is healing up really nice. He asked how often I charge, which is daily to every other. Apparently that means I am getting more and more active and it’s working to keep me from hurting. Yay!

Now into Ephesians. Today’s verse that stood out to me is verse 11. Ephesians 2:11 In Him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will. (ESV)

God’s plan from the beginning of time was to give us salvation. Salvation is a gift from God when we ask Him into our hearts. This is a free gift, we don’t do anything to receive or deserve it. When life seems like it’s out of control remember who is in control…our Father! Rest in His truth. No matter what Satan brings to you, God is still bigger than him and his evil schemes.

So reassuring yet when we are in the middle of the chaos we struggle to remember this. Write it down on a sticky note and stick to something you look at daily, like a mirror or inside a cupboard. That way it embeds on you and when satan comes along you are ready. Our salivation is ours. The devil can’t take it.

My prayer today is that you remember who is in total control. Who predestined us to have salvation. Even before He knew us. Which means it is ours as a gift for loving God. What an amazing gift! 💜