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Brought Near

Happy Thursday! Our day was a good one. We went swimming all day and then I had dinner with a friend from school. It was a beautiful warm one. Again a fairly low pain day.

Since getting all this I started CBD oil. The kind you get off a site, not sold in the stores. It’s the real deal. I finally was able to get the mack daddy. It’s one of the strongest I have seen. I’m anxious to see if it helps with my anxiety and inflammation a little more. I have seen great results with the other strengths so far. I actually use the CBD cream on the spots that hurt. It has been totally worth it!

Jumping into Ephesians, this next section is Oneness and Peace in Christ. Back in the Old Testiment, the Israelites (Jews) were known as God’s chosen people. But when Jesus died on the cross this brought all people (Jews and non Jews aka Gentiles) to God through Jesus. No one is alienated from Him. Now we can have real unity with others not like us. God knocked down the barriers between us.

Ephesians 2:13 But now in Christ Jesus you who were once far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. (ESV)

We should never feel separate, hopeless, or excluded. All are welcome! Do not become too proud full either. Humbly thank God for what He has done and encourage others in their faith.

What an amazing Father we have! Humbly thank Him for what He has done. Do not let pride get in your way!