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Blasting a Stone

A little update on how I have been doing. This fall was really hard. I honestly never felt like I was having a good day. Sometimes it was hard to explain but I just felt like my body was honestly dieing.

In August my husband made me go to the ER because I was getting lethargic and a bit delirious. I very much dislike going to doctors so I try to tough it out. That never ends well and you would think I would learn my lesson.. but anyways they diagnosed me with a really bad infection of my bladder, kidney, and intestinal. He was thinking I might have a stone starting to come through. Taking the antibiotic and pain meds never did clear it up completely, but I couldn’t get into a urologist til January. Now fast forward to last week and I was down with excruciating pain. I couldn’t do anything, barely get out of bed. Couple days later one of my doctors sent me to the ER. After a ton of blood work and a CT scan I had a very serious infection and a huge kidney stone, too big to pass on my own. The urologist I was going to see was out of town that weekend but the ER doctor called him, our local hospital got rid of urology for them 🙄 They did antibiotic through her IV along with few other things (morphine being one, thank the Lord). I was to call the office first thing Monday and he wanted to see me Monday or Tuesday. They were really concerned since I had this infection.

I was able to get in Monday afternoon. He said they would use shock waves to try to break it up first. Sometimes it takes a couple times of doing it to fully work too. Also there is a 15% chance it won’t work at all so then they would have to go in with a laser and break it up that way. Much more recovery involved with that option. So I went in yesterday to have it “blasted”.

Not going to lie, today is a very painful day which is normal they say. So now I’m straining for any pieces or particles to be sent in to test.

This has me thinking about the stone being blasted and then these tiny particles are able to get out of my body, we too do this to get out of a valley. Whatever storm or valley you are going though right now we basically ask God to “blast” it out of our lives. Then we lose every obstacle, or particle, to be removed. In Mark 11:23 we are to say to the problem to get out and it will be removed. Blast it out!

Line up your life with the word. If there is something that doesn’t match what God says in the Bible then blast it on out. Then have faith. Faith that God will do what He says He will do. Faith that you know He can do the impossible.

I will keep you updated on if one treatment worked to break it up so I can pass it. Believing and praising God that it’s one and done! 🧡