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A New Year!

Quick update: the pain is not quite as intense but I have been very nauseous. Get some fever chills too. Keeping a close eye on it 😏 I really hope a piece has not decided to block the ways! Could use some prayers 💜

As this year is drawing closer to the end I have been thinking about next year and where I feel God is taking me. One thing my goal is to do at least weekly posts if not more. Just encouraging and being an accountability partner not just for you guys but myself included! Reading the Bible daily and bringing the Good News to as many people as I can.

There will be journal prompts, things to think about, and being in the word daily by reading a Bible in a year plan together. I won’t always have something to bring about what we read but that is for God to show you in your time meditating on His word. I just want to maybe help keep us dedicated. I struggle with keeping it up on my own but having others to do it with helps keep me on track better.

Not going to say I won’t stumble on this but I want to do better and as long as we keep bringing it even if we fall off a little we will reap benefits!

Something to think about, as I have posted before I believe in choosing a word for the year. One that God picks for you to focus on for the full year. Again we are human and there may be times when we fail greatly at this. But you know what’s so amazing?! God’s unlimited grace. Just pick it back up and keep working. He is not looking for perfection, He is looking for the true motivated heart. The one that has real faith in Him and believes the Good News. Be praying and asking the Holy Spirit to guide you in choosing. My first year I made it about a month focusing on the word and that was it, but through a hard journey and several years later, I did much better this year! Start somewhere and work your way!

Again I will have the comments turned off but please if you ever want to email/message me sharing what God has brought through hard times or the ordinary times I would love to hear it and even eventually share it on here to help others as well.

It was a tough year but boy looking back I can see Gods goodness sprinkled everywhere. My word this past year was relationships, and that’s where I see the most growth. With Him the most but also with family and friends. I learn to prioritize better and to deepen them. My circle is not very big but the strength of it is mightier than a 100! Quality over quantity! Just because the year is about over I will still work on them, for it’s an ongoing job. They are strong enough to now need more maintenance which gives me the time and energy to focus on a new area of my life that needs major help because well I’m a spicy disaster that’s for sure.

Remember to look for God’s handiwork all around you. Sometimes it’s not as easy to be seen but it’s there if you try hard enough. He is nothing but GOOD! 🧡