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Retrain Your Brain

I have been seeing a lot of things on retraining the brain, not just for CRPS, and have been really intrigued. Just helping with stress, depression, and insomnia, among other things. When I saw this specifically for CRPS I knew I had to give it a shot. I am about halfway through the book (just got it) and I am all in.

I love that she has CRPS as well (well not that she has it but that she gets it) so this is coming from someone in the trenches. She has done such a great job with making it simple and easy to read. Our focus is limited and big words, don’t even try ha!

The first part made me think how I would love for my family and friends just to read that part. She uses everyday words, no big terminology, and just does a great job explaining what CRPS does to the body and some of the things we deal with. I think there needs to be more awareness on that part of it. Will definitely be posting on this another day!

Then she goes into talking about the 4Rs: Release, Reframe, Retrain, and Restore. This is a pretty simple plan when you look at it which is exactly what we need after everything else. But to get anything out of it you do have to give it your all. So there could be some hard work, more keeping at it every day.

I can not wait to finish reading and then all in. I can see how it would work though because when I just surround myself with positivity, I definitely have less pain and stress. I can’t wait to share my story on how it goes!