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Bad Habits

Yesterday I asked the question on what God-Glorifying habit did you want to create this year. Today I want to talk about a habit that doesn’t glorify God. We are human so we have many habits that don’t align with what God says. Instead of looking at them all, let’s just focus on one. What habit that doesn’t glorify God do you want to get rid of this year?

For me, I need to work on less Netflix/social media time. This is not bad in itself, but when I watch shows instead of spending time with God, that’s when it’s not so good.

Habits are harder to break than creating them so this journey will be a little harder. Prayer, time, and patience is how you will be able to break it. So give yourself grace. It won’t happen over night. That why I added to the end of the question “for this year”.

To break a habit, you need to replace it with a new one. So instead of staying up late watching shows and movies, I will use some of this time being present with the Lord. Reading my Bible or praying are two good examples. And I will be honest, I will spend some time watching a show or two. Just need to prioritize better. A little a day will result in a big change by the end of the year!

So again, what habit will you give up this year that doesn’t glorify God?

Today’s reading together (chronological): Genesis 8, 9, 10, and 11.