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Closer to God

What ways do you want to grow closer to God this year?

What a great question to think about as you are thinking about goals for the year. I feel like the word of the year helps with this one. Whatever we focus on is for Him and in the end we grow closer to a Him because of it.

I pray that I can be more like Him this year. Sparkling for Christ. As I do this I can only grow closer to Him. If we share the Good News we only get to know Him more through that.

Just a reminder too, when we grow closer to God, we grow farther away from this world. We can’t have them both. This can be the game changer sometimes. It reveals where our hearts are. Do we worry more about what others think of us, or what God thinks of us?

Coming from experience, just release everything about this world. It only has temporary things to hold on to. Nothing more. It will disappoint you more than anything. It also causes major distractions.

Remember to ask God to help you through this. Give Him your life and tell Him you want to grow closer to Him. This may take baby steps, but that is how the Lord planned for us. Little at a time to grow closer to Him. We couldn’t handle it all in at once. So please no pressure!! Give God a little and He will take you farther.

Reading the Bible together (chronological): Today we move to to the book of Job. One of my favorite books of the Bible. Job 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.