I love daily devotions. They are a mini reminder to start the day off right. You can find so many different kinds of devotions online or books. Whatever is best for you I suggest doing. Having them on my phone is super handy.

In the past a lot of times I would read them on the go. This year I want to work on focusing on them more. Really taking them in. There is a lot of wisdom you can learn from them. the author will share a story and then there are scriptures that go with it.

I use the Holy Bible App and totally recommend it. You can find every category. The cool thing you can choose to do them with friend(s) or by yourself. I enjoy doing some by myself and then one with a friend. This also helps me to do them daily. Our daily reading is actually from this App called chronological.

What do you want your daily devotions to look like?

Reading the Bible together (chronological): Job 6, 7, 8, and 9.