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Prayer is Everything

We made it to Friday!! Yay!

Our topic today is on prayer. Who are some people you want to pray for and why? I feel this list could go on and on. I want to pray for everyone. We are all fighting battles that no one else knows about. I pray that God comforts you during these hard times.

I feel a call to pray for our world leaders. This world is really hurting. It’s missing God big time. There has been some hard decisions being made, some that seem to be a lose-lose situation. I don’t watch a lot of news, I just can’t for my health and I am definitely not political. That is not my place in life. All I know is that instead of bad mouthing them we should be getting on our knees and praying for them, praying for their souls.

I also have a strong calling to pray for our church leaders. They also have been making some very hard decisions these past couple years. I pray for Jesus’ peace and comfort to fill their bodies.

Prayer is a powerful thing! It can move mountains. Remember to stay fervent in them. Continue to talk to God throughout your day.

Reading the Bible together (chronological): Job 14, 15, and 16.