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Broken Community

This weeks reading we will finish the book of Leviticus and head into Numbers: Monday: Leviticus 22-23. Tuesday: Leviticus 24-25. Wednesday: Leviticus 26-27. Thursday: Numbers 1-2. Friday: Numbers 3-4. Saturday: Numbers 5-6. Sunday: Numbers 7.

I had the privilege to attend part of the If Gathering at a local church last weekend. If you don’t know about the If Gathering google it NOW! Jennie Allen is the founder of it. She is an amazing God fearing lady. It is a huge women’s conference filled with the most wisdom filled but totally relatable speakers. Definitely gets you fired up for Jesus.

Jennie Allen spoke about community being broken. I totally agree. We were not created to be alone. We were not expected to do this very hard life on our own. The church is the community of believers who get together. Who help fight for us when we have no fight left in us. Who are there for the ups and the downs. We can learn from each other and grow. This community does not need to be people of the same. Same age or where they are in life. It is actually better to have a variety. We can learn so much from others who are not like us.

I believe this is why anxiety and depression is on the rise. We are broken. We don’t want to let down those walls, to let others in. We don’t want to be awkward or vulnerable. We don’t want to admit that we need help. I’m here to tell you it’s more than ok to admit that. You want freedom? Then I suggest you find some people and you get a little awkward. For God called us for community. I 100% believe that this is where the church is.

From experience life gets hard when I’m not in community. I feel like I have a hole, something is missing. They breathe life. And once you both start letting the walls come down you realize they have the same insecurities, the same struggles. And when they understand you that is where the freedom is. I can always find my strength through that.

I pray that you will find your community, your tribe. That you let down some of those walls and get awkward. Be real, be you. And then from that you gain wisdom and strength. 🧡