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Psalms 9:1

This weeks reading we will finish Joshua and start Judges. Monday: Joshua 16-18. Tuesday: Joshua 19-21. Wednesday: Joshua 22-24. Thursday: Judges 1-2. Friday: Judges 3-5. Saturday: Judges 6-7. Sunday: Judges 8-9.

Another book that I would like to look closer at is Psalm 9. It was written by David. God never ignores our cries for help. NEVER. Really meditate on this first verse. “I will thank you, Lord, wi5 all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.” Our inward attitude becomes our outward expression.

No matter what we face, God is always there. “…a refuge in times of trouble” (verse 9b). We won’t escape loss or suffering. That is just part of life. But we can hold on to that He never leaves us. No matter what it is we face He is there.

Make sure you are aware of your motives though to. Are you asking Gods help to save you from embarrassment? Or so we can show others the power of God? He never abandons those who truly seek Him.