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While I Wait

Reading this week: Monday: Isaiah 1-4. Tuesday: Isaiah 5-8. Wednesday: Amos 1-5. Thursday: Amos 6-9. Friday: 2 Chronicles 27, Isaiah 9-12. Saturday: Micah 1-7. Sunday: 2 Chronicles 28, 2 Kings 16-17.

Who likes to wait? I sure don’t. I lose my patience fairly quickly. Even on the littlest things like my food at a restaurant if it takes longer than I think it should.

God has me in a really long waiting season right now it feels like. I have lost my patience quite a bit but He always brings me back to Him.

One thing that helps me wait is thinking about what He has blessed me with. The things I am grateful for. This helps me see all the positives and not focus on the negative, the thing I am waiting on.

I know He will heal me one day. All this pain will go away. The unknown day to day will be gone. I can wait because I have 3 littles that are watching me. I want them to see what God can do even in the waiting.

What are you waiting on right now? Are you waiting patiently or trying to take things into your own hands? The one thing I find helps as well as focusing on what I’m grateful for is being honest with God. Telling Him my heart. He wants us to wait with Him. To do that we have to open our heart to Him. 🧡