Sparkle and Shine

Merry Christmas

Well here I go again getting behind! I appologize. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. The very cold weather has me hurting pretty bad. The pins and needles are at their max. Stimulator just doesn’t do much when its negative outside.

As I reflect on this past month it definitely was not the same as usual. I feel like I robbed my kids of some of that holiday feeling. Its been a tough one for me. Depression has hit me fairly hard. Total honest christian moment. Even though God is the sourcce of my life I still fight with the sin of this world…that being depression for me. Since getting CRPS I tend to slide into depression quicker than I realize.

This is when you need your tribe, your family. The ones that pray for you, because prayer is the only way you are getting on top of this depression stuff. It is no joke! I know I’m not severley depressed, but I definitely have a pinch of it. I am usually a very sociable person, but I am finding it harder and harder to have even a piece of that. I need to do better. For my kids especially. It’s so hard when your schedule is overwehlmed. You just get into routine and it becomes tiring. Running kids here and there is exhausting.

The motto that I want to go with is Be Better. Not better than others but better than I was the day before. Do better at staying in His word and reaching out to Him when I’m struggling. Each day is a new one, just be better at it.

This brings me to have you thought about your word for the year? I am not ready to say out loud what mine is but I’m starting to see signs of what it may be. Remember this word is a word that you pray about and let God give it to you. Then throughout the year keep coming back to it. It really helps keep you accountable for at least one thing.

As soon as I am 100 percent sure on mine I will share. Last year I chose sparkle. I feel I lived up to this word for the most part. I need to continue working on it though. Its amazing what God shows you to pave the way for your word. I really learned a different meaning of sparkle.

Something else God is laying on my heart and I could use a lot of prayers. I feel He is wanting me to write a book. A simple one. Sharing my story of what God has done for me through this suffering season. I feel I could maybe reach more people and that is my main goal. I want others to know what they have at their finger tips during their trials.

Please give it a try with finidng a word. I promise you will be so happy you did! ❤