CBD, CRPS, testimony and blessing

Homeopathic Too

I am thankful my doctor has been open and supportive about trying things on the homeopathic and natural table. His motto is try it and see, you never know. He is aware of everything that I try and the outcome of it. Some doctors would not be too open to this from what I have heard.

I already lean more towards going this route with things. My daughter has different allergies (medicines being a big one) and has some other hurdles so homeopathic/biomedical is already on our radar. My kids and I see a biomedical doctor already. She has been another supportive doctor and will be honest that I do need a little of both ways to feel the best I can. Magnesium has been a good one to help the muscles relax. I also take valerian root to help sleep. Sometimes melatonin is needed as well.

I don’t know if you have heard of this big online wellness store but it is one I use all the time, Melaleuca. I take their big vitamin packs, the one that is for joint and inflammation. Not only does it have the normal daily vitamins you need but also some extra support for the inflammation side. They have an AM and PM pack for each day. I also take a extra of couple of these, which you can purchase separate at the store too. Things are a little more extreme with this disease so you need to take a little more than normal. Again another highly costly item but it is worth it,

Another natural doctor that I see is a neuromuscular therapist. She is amazing! I have a lot of fluid that builds up, inflammation and then of course stress and tension. She is able to do her magic and release this. Regular visits is a must, even when you are feeling better. It will always come back so staying ahead is good. She can’t do my leg that it is in because it can be very touchy but it has spread to my head and there she is able to release it with gentle touch. Too much will make the pain worse. She has been able to find the happy medium for me. I get a lot of fluid in the back of my head, my neck will swell and then that makes he pain so much worse. Releasing it releases stress too and then it all calms down. *Note this is just mild fluid, caused by the disease and has been ok’d by my pain doctor. If it was bad I would be going to the hospital 😉*

She also got me hooked up with an adrenal builder supplement, This I take in the morning and at lunch time. It’s pricey but again worth it. It helps give me energy and just overall feeling better. Adrenals is a big role in your energy/mood. Research it if you haven’t!

Have you tried a sauna before?! If not I recommend going now ha. We have a local place that has 2 infrared ones. I can’t recommend them enough. the benefits of regular visits is phenomenal. All across the charts it can help. For me the biggest benefit is that I can finally warm my body up. Since I am always so cold. This helps with the pain a lot. It also seems to help with my daily feeling. I am able to sweat and release a lot of toxins. Definitely valuable in healing.

CBD oil is another staple. And not the version without the good stuff, which I know is hard when you have to do routine blood work for work. That will show up. I don’t have to worry about that. My doctor has ok’d it as well. He has told me several times when he gets licensed he will do the medical cannabis through injections, which I think will be another breakthrough treatment for me.

Diet can effect the pain levels as well. Limiting sugars, caffeine, alcohol, prepackaged foods, allergy food, anything that will cause inflammation. I definitely notice a difference when I slack on this. Realizing what foods don’t trigger it and the ones that do is very helpful. This can look different from one person to the next which is why there is no right one that is for all.

Hope some of these things that have helped me could help you too. Don’t be afraid to peruse the medical and the natural routes together. You might find some incredible relief both ways, and why not at least try it. Let’s get to living better! 🧡