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Update 8/22

Monday: Isaiah 54-58. Tuesday: Isaiah 59-63. Wednesday: Isaiah 64-66. Thursday: 2 Kings 20-21. Friday: 2 Chronicles 32-33. Saturday: Nahum 1-3. Sunday: 2 Kings 22-23, 2 Chronicles 34-35.

Another step in my journey to hopefully a better place. I am still trying to get help in covering some more of the cost of the next medication they want me to try to replace the cymbalta. In the mean time, my family Dr has added buspar to hopefully help combat the anxiety attacks. It will take a couple weeks to start seeing if it will help or not. Also started Flonase twice a day. Not what I wanted to take but I can see how it will help the pain in my ear and hopefully keep the fluid there at a minimal.

She also referred me to physical therapy. At my eval we have decided to work on my neck since that’s where the majority of the pain is right now. My neck was super stiff. Few at home stretches I have to do multiple times a day. Also doing 2 days a week of therapy there. Going to try land based first and if that is too painful we have the option to move to the warm pool they have. The tricky thing is I can’t have too much pain or the CRPS will really flare in that spot. Fine line!

Again everything is trial and error. Really praying this is all a move in the right direction. I know physical therapy can be part of life for others who have this. He explained how massages and chiropractic treatments were not lasting long and it made sense. I think the combination of it all will help ease the pain.

God really showed up a lot this week! Beginning I was really struggling. Just hit a speed bump and was feeling overwhelmed. As always God showed who He was, love! He spoke to me through others and through His word. I really don’t know how someone could live without having a relationship with the Lord. There is no way I could keep showing up each day without Him! 🧡