scripture, Sparkle and Shine


Monday: Habakkuk 1-3. Tuesday: Jeremiah 41-45. Wednesday: Jeremiah 46-48. Thursday: Jeremiah 49-50. Friday: Jeremiah 51-52. Saturday: Lamentations 1-2. Sunday: Lamentations 3-5.

I am also going to challenge you to read a book of Luke a day (starting December 1st) leading up to Christmas. Thursday: Luke 1. Friday: Luke 2. Saturday: Luke 3. Sunday: Luke 4.

Luke 1 is about John the Baptist’s arrival into the world. He paved the way for Jesus. I love this part at the end of Luke 1 where his dad, Zechariah, says, “…because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

God has unlimited power and yet He uses frail humans to share His love. Don’t ever minimize what you are capable of Him being able to use you. If you are faithful to Him, He uses His power through you. He does just that, He brings the light to the darkness.

Luke 2 is about Jesus coming into the world, they took him to the temple, and he stayed behind. One paticular thing that stood out to me is actually before he is born. The government ordered a census so Joseph and Mary had to travel a long ways to his hometown. She was at the end of her pregnancy and all I can picture is how miserable I was at that time and then to have to travel so far on a donkey. Could not even imagine. Then there is no room for them to stay so they end up in a stable. This just shows you that we are not promised a comfortable life. What God does promise as He shows in this story, is it’s all part of His beautiful plan. It all has meaning, even the discomfort.

I look back on my life and can see meaning behind the pain. It was and is all part of his most perfect plan for my life, that I am living for Him. Maybe seeing your pain in that light will help lessen the pain or discomfort.

Luke 3, John the Baptist prepares the way for Christ and Jesus is baptised. We have to show that we are changed. We can’t just say we are followers of God. Our lives have to be different. That is what He is looking for. The changed life, the one that portrays God, not the world.

Luke 4 is where Jesus is tempted by Satan and He begins his preaching in Galilee. Yes satan tempted Jesus just like he does to us. He twists the truth just a little trying to trip us up. Jesus knows what we go through in life. Nothing is new. Now you might feel like, well Jesus doesn’t fall for it. No because he had to be a blameless, sinless man to die for us. Innocent blood had to be shed to save our sinful lives. Again all part of God’s beautiful plan. What we need to see is Jesus saw first hand how sneaky satan is. We can go to Him when “satan” tempts us and he will understand and help us through it. So much wisdom in these verses.

As he goes on preaching to the people we see satan in many different forms trying to creap in. He constantly does this in our lives. Its not a one time thing. It will be a life time thing. And he will come in many different forms. Trying to figure out which one will trip you up. Always be on guard!!

As I close for this week and the count down to Christmas is on please enjoy this holiday season a little more. Not be so busy you miss the little moments. What is your favorite holiday tradition? One of mine is looking at christmas lights with the kids. I did this growing up and I love that I am doing it with mine too. ❤