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4 years!

The reading this week we will finish the book of Numbers and begin Deuteronomy: Monday: Numbers 26-27. Tuesday: Numbers 28-30. Wednesday: Numbers 31-32. Thursday: Numbers 33-34. Friday: Numbers 35-36. Saturday: Deuteronomy 1-2. Sunday: Deuteronomy 3-4.

Last week was my 4 year anniversary. The day that how I did life would change forever. It was 4 years ago that I broke my ankle and the hard journey began. It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least. I just recently found out that the CRPS has spread throughout my body. Anytime I get a little inflammation it’s going to take over that spot.

I’m dealing with it in my kidneys right now. From the stone and then the blasting, my right kidney was inflamed. My pain doctor said this past week that it is from the CRPS. So I had to add another antidepressant/nerve pill back on at bedtime. He feels about 6 weeks on it and I should be good to go again.

I have been on the extra pill for almost 2 weeks, everything has settled down. No more nausea or pain happening. I really don’t like how I feel on all these nerve pills but they are the only thing that will help with the horrible pain.

These moments have a tendency to knock me back a little. For a moment I get a little depressed that it’s in another place but I don’t unpack there anymore. I know God has a plan and will get me through it because He has every time before. It’s just another thing to add that I can help others with!

Update on what I am doing right now to help with the CRPS. I am taking cymbalta once a day and lyrica 3 times a day. Just added pamelor for a few weeks. I take a lot of different vitamins, minerals, and herbs as well. Mostly have to do with inflammation and calming. I have the spinal cord stimulator (SCS) still in and working very well. I get about 80% pain relief which is way better than they even guarantee. I do have to charge it daily. I use lidocaine cream quite a bit. My neck needs messaged almost daily now to get the fluid to move.

I have to make sure I don’t do too much or I will be paying for it for days. My body gets worn out quickly. I also have to watch that I don’t get too hot or the vertigo will kick in. With that I struggle to regulate my body temperature.

To look at this, you would be quick to think there is no way I could be joyful in it. I wouldn’t be if I didn’t have a deep relationship with God. My Father is writing a beautiful story for me, I believe it!